Hello, I’m Ki Kym.

I was previously using a Blogger domain http://kikymm.co.vu but I’m here now on WordPress because I enjoy it more. I don’t have much to say about myself but if anyone wants to find out more, my social media links will be somewhere on this site. Have fun searching :~) It shouldn’t be that hard. Adios!

This blog is mainly written with some positivity & oximoronic writing. I’m 19 this year, and I feel like my writing is still immature and unpolished. Not really working on much to improve or whatsoever, but hopefully writing will become a bigger part of my life than I expect. I created this blog with the intention of ranting and also to become a hipster but the hipster part has brought me nowhere. So here I am, hoping that people enjoy what I write, even if it is a simple post about a day in my life.

I’m pretty much just a simple person with a sound laughter so if you make friends with me, that’s what you can expect. A lot of laughter. My blog says almost everything about me, which is why I don’t publicise it on purpose, I wait for people to stumble upon it. It’s not the best habit to have because friends go “why didn’t you tell me about your blog?!” which then I have to retort and defend myself by saying I don’t like publicising it. Side note, rainy days are my favourite because it becomes super cozy and warm at the same time – outside and inside. The best combination ever.

If there is truly anything else you want to know about me you can always pop a question on my askfm 🙂