Thorb Inter-JC Ultimate Championship 2015

What was this about & what were the results?

It’s as shown in the title, Ultimate Frisbee Championships. Champions went to SRJC, 2nd to PJC & 3rd to SAJC!

When & where was it held? Why is it so late?

It was on the 6th & 7th June 2015! I didn’t manage to get time before this to write about it. Unlike other sports with have A’divisions, we have the Inter-JCs as a couple of schools still do not recognize ultimate as an A’division sport. It’s pretty sad to know because many people who are in the teams are from other CCAs, and training venues & timings are very much compromised because it’s unofficial.

What position did AJ get?

We achieved our goal – top 10. Our team B got 14th, which was a feat considering that they were seeded to the 20th position after the 1st day and also they’re the top J1 team.

What made you join this sport?

Basically my curiosity brought me to where I am now. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved thus far because I wasn’t a sportsperson to begin with and the spark that this sport has ignited in me just feels really amazing because my team is the best anyone can ever ask for. It may sound corny/cheesy but this feels right. Everything falls into place when I go for trainings, especially since 2015 started. Just so thankful to have been interested in this sport when it came to the CCA carnival last year.

Will you continue playing ultimate after this?

Honestly I don’t know where it will bring me but yes, I’ll be chasing plastic for a long, long time.

I don’t know how to start this blog post, so I decided to do it this way, hope it doesn’t look too attention-seeking or anything but well, I didn’t deny that I’m attention-seeking so hahaha.

Let me just describe how it felt one day before, during & after Inter-JCs –

Before everything started, I was really freaking out. #SlayIJC started to be AJwolves’ main hashtag the night before and to see the Instagram posts & hashtags made me feel a little better, but a little more jittery as the day comes closer. I slept at 11pm, and stopped work in the evening and concentrated on using my phone and looking at ultimate frisbee photos and thinking about the things I will do the next & following day. I rolled around in my bed for awhile, trying to do that, before falling asleep.

I woke up the next day feeling hyped and quite excited so I went ahead with preparing and taking out my frozen 100 plus and so on. When I reached that place, many people have already reached because I came out slightly later than I expected. We walked to the field and realised that it was nice and green, not wet and very comfortable despite the morning dew. It felt a little nerve-wrecking at first but when I got on the field, all thoughts were on the disc and the play. It felt so so good that I could focus and not screw up because for once, I really felt useful. I was on defence and what I can say is: I’ve tried my damn best and I sure hope it was enough. All for the team. When we lost to IJC we were so, so upset and many things went through my mind that I shouldn’t have thought of, but we didn’t lose hope. I’m so thankful for Marcus because he always pulls the team back up. After the heavy & kinda prolonged rain we went back to the field and fought for HCI(b) & AC(b), and truthfully speaking I felt ecstatic during both matches even though I was screaming my head off during the AC game. Here is the only photo of me with the disc.

On the 2nd day, I felt slightly more tired because I had very little sleep just to support our team B who had a match really early in the morning when ours was as 11am. They fought against AC(b) and won so they went ahead to compete with RJ(b) who they won as well. The level of happiness really cannot be described. It was the best yet craziest time ever. I can only say I’m a proud senior I almost cried. 

But then everything went quite well for team A and I didn’t screw up either so I’m very thankful. It was a crazy experience because we fought even harder than the first day and I can only say even though I burned out during the second last game against RV there were no regrets because we got top 10 right there and then. I felt so happy that I didn’t bother to conserve any energy, I just went ahead to jump and run around, totally forgetting that there is a back-to-back game hahaha. Look at me running in the background hahaha.

Clearly, I was way too happy. Look at the way we rejoiced as a team :’) To the people who came down to support, regardless of who you are and whether I know you – very very appreciative of your support!!

I’m so glad I’m in this team full of crazy-ass & wonderful beings and I would do anything to relive it again, but once with all of you was enough and I can’t thank them enough for this fab experience. Top 10 was a dream, a dream that we made and we actually did it. This just shows how much we played our hearts out and having teammates like you guys is one thing I can’t choose but will never regret. I will miss chasing that piece of 175g plastic with you guys 😉 It was one heck of a ride with tough trainings & breaking madness but we made it and I’m so so proud to say this – we are one team. We are #ForeverFamily, #AJwolves, one #AJUltimate.


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