We’re speeding through red lights into paradise

I’m back within 6 days of the last post. Surprise?

This week was much better than I hoped for. I barely survived Monday & Tuesday, I took an MC on Wednesday (pardon me, I was genuinely, albeit slightly, ill) and ended up spending about a hundred dollars on retail therapy (mostly), which made Thursday and Friday much more bearable. But spending my own money really really made it more difficult for me to walk over to the cashier and open my wallet. But oh well, retail therapy is therapeutic indeed. I loved the feeling of shopping but I decided that I needed to control my expenditure just a little, y’know. I need to make sure I don’t go overboard.

That particular friend is leaving tomorrow and as I talked to him today, I could feel like he was more than ready but I’m still worried that over-confidence may bring him down. Then again, I know for a fact that he’d blend in really well, given that they have many international students in that college + university anyway. In addition, he’s prepared for the stress and workload. I hope for the best for him. Even though I won’t be there to send him off tomorrow, he’d be in my thoughts & prayers. Thankful for having the chance to be close to this person :—-)

There is training tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it because it’s finally time to move my lazy butt HAHAHAHA okay see ya laterz


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Of sunshine, positivity & oximoronic writing. I'm 19 years old this year. I created this blog with the intention of ranting and also to become a hipster but it has brought me nowhere. So here I am, hoping that people enjoy what I write. I never thought I would be sitting here and hoping that someone reads my blog and is actually inspired by it, but I sincerely wish that everyone who stops by will enjoy what I write, especially if it's relatable.

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