The Man Who Knew Infinity

I walked into the cinema without knowing what this movie was about, except the very brief description given to me by my friend: “It’s the same genre as The Theory of Everything, it’s about a mathematician.” That was all I knew and I had rather low expectations after hearing that it was going to be about a mathematician because let’s be real here, I have literally zero passion for anything related to mathematics. I loved The Theory of Everything, but since I had lower expectations for this movie I thought it was not going to be as good. However this film astounded me. I really liked the way the actors put everything across to the audience. None of the lines in the movie were rhetorical. Ramanujan was an impressive man indeed, this movie gave me insights on this legendary mathematician even though I had never heard of him prior to watching this movie. 
I loved that he braved all odds and overcame the difficulties with his passion and belief that he has the ability to get his formulas and methods published. The beginning of this movie was told in the eyes of Hardy, the professor who invited Ramanujan over to the campus. I especially loved Hardy’s character and the way the actor portrayed it in the film. 
Ramanujan’s determination and Hardy’s mentorship moved me more than anything else. Inspiration comes from where you least expect it – and indeed, these characters are such inspirations. Despite not knowing what the future will hold, constant hard work, concentration and perseverance is very crucial. There was also a little mix of romance, which was subtle but sufficient. Biographical films are ones that I would never rewatch. So this post will serve as a reminder of how I liked this film and even learnt things from it. I am bad at ratings, but I would give this film a 7.5/10 🙂
‘Til next time!

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