#traveloguesg: To the zoo

I have been meaning to go to the zoo for the longest time ever, as I had not been there since primary school. But the first time I was supposed to go with Amanda, I injured my back the day before and had to cancel. The second time, I was supposed to go with Shihui but the plan was never really finalised so again, it did not happen. This time, I was all ready for the trip and even prepared grapes as snacks! I was so excited.

In this photo Amanda said I look like her mum, which in turn made me remove my glasses because I obviously did not want to look like her mother on this trip to the zoo. I also decided to wear my cap and it is my first time wearing it for such a long time! I was very happy that it did keep my hair in bay and kept the sun from heating my head up too much. It was also a lovely prop to have in the photos that we have taken 🙂

Shortly after I reached (she overestimated the time she needed to reach the zoo and reached 30 minutes earlier than I did), we went to watch the Splash Safari Show and boy, the sea lion put on a good show! I really like how lively it seemed. We subsequently watched the Elephants at Work and Play Show and also the Rainforest Fights Back show, which proudly presented a series of furry animals. They were all so cute! The shows all showcased the different animals really well, and the zookeepers did remind me of mothers as they ought to have a lot of patience during the grooming and training, because look the animals did look very well-trained. I looked quite like a Japanese tourist in this photo, but I was truly enjoying myself despite the lack of animal contact that our zoo offers, meh.

Amanda and I decided beforehand that we would head to the Kidzworld to have KFC for lunch, so that was what we did! We were like overexcited little kids when we saw the goats and the leaves that we could pluck to feed them. Ballistic! It was so fun to feed the goats as their greedy little mouths reached for our hands as well, basically anything they could grab actually. They even tried to eat this other girl’s hair. A very weird but interesting encounter was that one of the black goats was wailing like a big baby and trying to stop another goat from eating the leaves that we were offering. It didn’t even reach for our leaves, it just wanted to stop the other goat from eating.

We (or rather, I) decided that we should be more like tourists and try out tourist things like this above! It was slushie served in a long plastic bottle, with an Orang Utan hugging the straw. It looked too cute to resist. Even though it was expensive at S$7.90 I must say it did satisfy my thirst as well as my desire for more tourist-like things. I eventually had to throw the bottle away though, as the plastic was already slightly deflated at the bottom when I bought it, but it was cute while it lasted!

Our last stops were the polar bears and the giraffes. We managed to catch the feeding time of Inuka, our resident polar bear who was born right here in Singapore a few years back. The giraffes…..I gotta say they are interesting creatures. While we were looking at them, one of them decided to give the other’s genitals a lick and then suddenly, urine started gushing out! Basically, a giraffe licked another giraffe’s urine. The best part was, we fed the exact same giraffe who had urine on its mouth region. Yes, we did. Guess what? I touched it by accident when it leaned forward to reach for the sweet potato that I was holding. We paid $5 for four sweet potatoes pieces to feed these giraffes, how precious.

All in all, I enjoyed this trip, much thanks to Amanda’s company. It is one of those things that you know you will never forget four to five years down the road. We managed to visit all except one or two animals, and some other enclosures were renovating so we could not catch those animals but it was still a very fabulous trip nonetheless! I am so looking forward to more trips around Singapore with you Manda 🙂


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