12th Inter-JC Ultimate Championships


Starting off with these photos because I feel like it is a very very nice representation of our strength and team bonds. This is only the second full batch and my heart is so full from the pride and love, really. My first year going to the Inter-JC fields as an alumni, and seeing my juniors fare so well made me feel so proud. This word ‘proud’ will definitely appear countless times in this post!!

Every single J1 and J2 have come so far to achieve what they have achieved during this Inter-JCs, and all of us seniors just hope that everyone has had no regrets! All of you played your hearts out, played like the field was home ground and the glory that came with winning the Best Spirited team must have felt so good. I could have never imagined this day where you guys were the top four after the first day, and remained top eight on the second day. You all definitely achieved more than we did and for that I hope you will look back and always feel like ultimate frisbee is your calling, and the team your home, your family.

Look at how impressed your captain is.

These photos were you guys during a timeout, and after you guys scored a point, look how happy you all were. This was literally your seniors on the sidelines each time you guys score a point:

I especially like the cheers and chants that you guys came up with, I think those were the things that made AJ wolves so unique on those two days. Your bond, playing clean and your love for the sport was very genuine and it definitely shone on the fields. It was all expressed through your cheers. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget the three things that you guys chant before each game: “Enjoy the game! Play with a smile! Never be angry!” Those words make me feel absolutely proud to be your senior, really. Not that I am not proud of other things, but those phrases were so cute, and were definitely a measure of how much the team has matured. I remember us seniors at the sidelines on the second day after the first match, feeling so emotional because that is really how far AJ ultimate has come since Jiaqin’s days. The feels :’-)

You J2s have left a legacy for the J1s and I am looking forward to seeing even better, more spectacular plays next year from them. The potential, it’s always the potential. Everyone has so much potential, I guess you guys are really lucky to have had such good coaches who uncovered everyone’s. The sky’s the limit, I think I witnessed that the last weekend when I saw all of you put in your 100% and play the best you’ve ever played on the fields. So darn proud of all of you!!!! I don’t think I know how to start expressing my pride for all of you. But let me just say that the amount you guys have grown since the last Inter-JCs made my eyes well up with tears on the sidelines when you guys scored and won your first match on the second day. I don’t think I have ever felt prouder than that moment. The togetherness, the trust, the bond, the love, you guys built it with your own hands, brick by brick and the fruit of your own labour was harvested then. It was really heartwarming :’-)

For now, study hard and SLAY your A levels alright? Look forward to playing more ultimate when you guys graduate! *hints* Past vs Present? Ahem πŸ˜‰ Pretty sure you guys will #PFStogether during this tough period, let’s go guys. Do this for yourselves! I am so proud of your achievements in ultimate thus far, I am sure that you all will do yourselves proud for A levels as well!!

Here’s candid photos to end off this post dedicated to each and every one of you πŸ™‚


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